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The Cape Breton German Shepherd Dog Club is made up of a small group of dog enthusiasts who train and show their own dogs in Conformation Shows ,Obedience Trials, and Rally trials  throughout  the Maritimes and elsewhere, on occasion.

These members also provide training classes for public instruction.

Our Club Members

Our club members come from all walks of life and are united in their passion for dogs.  Several different breeds are included as well as German Shepherds and the main focus of the club in the last few years has been Obedience, although several of our members regularly show their dogs  in Conformation at Speciality Shows and  Kennel Club shows.

Our trainers have been involved in the sport for many years and are always willing to assist newcomers who wish to become involved in the sport.

Members volunteer their time on a regular basis at fund raising events and training sessions.  Building maintenance is looked after by the members as well.

Why We Do It

We do what we do because we love dogs and  want to realize their potential.  It is the sport we enjoy and we promote responsible dog ownership for all pet owners.  At times we have been called upon to re-home dogs and we have been successful in that area as well.  Some of our members have been a part of Therapy Dog Work at local care facilities and have also been successful in Canine Good Citizen Tests sponsored by the CKC.

We can provide information in both of those areas as well as advice to prospective dog owners.

Our Status

Our club is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
We are a not for profit organization registered under the Society's Act of Nova Scotia. 

"The real joy is in the privilege and ability to step to the start line with  your dog by your side, not in the crossing of the finish line victorious  over others."
-Gail Storm