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 T here are certain training guidelines followed at our training sessions.

Our Obedience ClassesWe offer an six  week  obedience program for adult dogs.   Classes are held indoors on Sunday afternoons.    While we will make every effort to accommodate all who call, class size is limited.    There are always several trainers available to assist with individual instruction.     Dogs are kept ON LEASH  at all times while training.   There are usually several classes running at different times on any  Sunday.  

Participants are expected to work with their dogs throughout the week, practicing what they have been taught.
Puppy ClassesWe occasionally offer a four week program for puppies and their owners.   Helpful suggestions are offered to owners and they are shown ways to help raise a puppy that will become an integral part of the family.   Many topics are covered:  Feeding, Housebreaking, Teaching Recall. Breaking Bad Habits, Grooming, and Responsible Pet  Ownership.   Socialization time is also provided, under the watchful eyes of trainers and owners.